Back in Black

Or at least digital black and white. The past year has been full of new learning and new experiences. In my graduate work I have taken courses in Computers as Learning tools (which, coincidentally followed right in with Mindtools, which I had last blogged about!), E-Learning Design which focused on developing curriculum for online learning. Over the past summer I wrote my capstone paper on Integrating Technology into Learner Centered Professional Development. That brings me to this fall, 2015, where I am taking my final grad class for my degree in Masters of Education in Learning, Design, and Technology. The course is Design Studio and we will cover several aspects of learning design including the digital tools (HTML/CSS/JQuery, Photoshop, Illustrator, Databases, and video), as well as user design. Over the next few months much of the skills I develop with the digital tools will be reflected in this site. Some of the other things I will “practice” can be found in my PSU site.

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