In the summertime

When the weather is hot, you can stretch right out and….do lots of PD!

So much to do, learn and explore this summer. All my efforts will be focused around CT (Computational Thinking). This became a big interest during grad school work 2 years ago, but apparently it is now becoming a buzz word in education (see article in CSTA ).

My summer adventures start with the ISTE conference, and the first stop is a 3 hour workshop on CT for Every Subject by Martine Paquet. This is of great interest, and I am looking forward to more inspiration and resources to integrate CT into other subject areas. Overall, ISTE will be great – but like a buffet there will be more there than I can possibly consume. I do have my plan of what to see and do and I will follow up by reading materials shared from the conference, and connecting with new people.

I will be giving two workshops this summer on ways to start middle school computer science clubs after school. This will include CS unplugged  and coding activities – Scratch, Finch robots, Makey, Makey, Minecraft. Will also look at other tools and activities to circle in the CT concepts. More about this as it unfolds.

Next school year I will be teaching some new-to-me classes, such as the AP CS  course, so a week in AP Summer Institute to help prep will be my focus the end of July. I will also teach a 3D course next year, and while I have done some 3D activities with my students, a full semester course will take some more in depth work. I am going to a Maker workshop, and will do some online PD to get up to speed with Tinker Cad and 123Design.

Some people say the best part of being a teacher is that you get the summers off. I agree – because you need time to recharge, but also because you get time to be a student, to learn new things, to explore ideas.

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