CS and CT

Computer Science is the application of technology, through coding and “making”, to solve a problem. Computational Thinking is the creative process required to solve a problem. Together they make for a strong computer scientist or technology developer. This page will provide resources for all aspects of CS and CT.

To integrate CT into the curriculum, you can use a variety of technology tools and CS activities to introduce and strengthen the skills. This can be done as an integrated activity in any curriculum area, or as an after school computer club.

Ways to introduce CT –

  • Unplugged, or computer science without technology. This has become a popular way to teach computing concepts, which focus on computational thinking, without the use of computers and technology. This makes computational thinking accessible to all.
  • Coding activities – through a variety of online lessons and structured activities anyone can learn the basics of computer science and coding. While these are great for getting started, learning a language so you can be free to create is the next big step.
  • Programming languages – there are hundreds of languages for programming computers. And for most, you can find online materials and books to teach you these languages.

Looking for some structured ways to get started with CT integration or a CS club? Take a look at these “boxed” activities on my Workshop resources page. This contains activity plans and links to further information for your club or curriculum. You can step through the activities in the order presented, or mix and match.

Be sure to check the Pinterest and Diigo resource lists at the bottom of this page.